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What Is Mad Sage Media All About?

       Mad Sage Media is a way for you to set up an account that allows you manage and sell your own products for a minimal expense.  Best of all, we pay for the marketing and do our own search and SEO work, so, you are guaranteed someone will be looking at this site every day.  Your products are marketed all over the site and we aim our audience at our categories.

     How do you make money?   You make money by organizing your library to give your media maximum exposure.  Several tools are available to make one or more of your products featured items.    We wish to succeed for you where other media sites fail.  So, you want to sell a book?  album? song? soudtrack?   Magazine? Articles?  You can upload it.  You can place it so your audience can sample the product.  Our sliders will pick up and move featured product along.  The constantl display your work on several of our pages.   We will constantly monitor to make sure things are going smoothly.  With an annual account, you will get priority.   SEO and placement companies will help us get your media lots of exposure and we'll keep track of all the hits you get.   BEST NEWS:  You don't

pay for the clicks,

we do!


 To be a member and contributor, all you need to do is register under the sign-on/register menu.  If you have media you want to sel, click on the sell button  It gives you four options all available thru credit card or PayPal.  In the sgin-up options, you specify an email that associates to your PayPal account.  You aren't signing up for a subscription, so your card isn't continually charged.  As an initilal offerring, your payments will remain low.  As the service grows, naturally, there will be much more to do to get everyone's offerings easily seen by visitors. 
Once you are successfully set as a member everything you will need to create your catalogue/library will be under the "Member Library" menu. Make sure you fill out all the proper fields so visitors have an easier way to find your material.
In the meantime, just drop us a line if there's anything specific you want to know or need to know how to







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