History Echoes (No one Listens)
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Title:      History Echoes (No one Listens)
MusicID:      9002
Artist:      Tears In The Ether
ASIN:      00000917
Label:      Red State Records
Release date:      08-Oct-2020
Number of Discs:      1
Binding:      None
Track Listings:      09
Language:      English
Price:      USD 0,99
Rating:      5 

History Echoes (No one Listens)

Length:                                           8:01
Genre:                                            New Age
Artist:                                              Tears In the Ether
Album:                                            Red State
Philabustah:                                 Guitars, Keyboardss, Bass, Brass, Mix.
CAUTION!!                                  Do not listen to this music while driving.  May make extrremely drowsy.
    This piece was a culmination of "happy accidents"  rising from the monitor, (which was left on), echoing back while playing.  Also, a great deal of static rose from my socks, the carpet and a little bit of electrici shock.  The result is terriific, however.  The aim of the piece is to project a world that settled in beauty and elegance after its creation and went through times, (pieces of music), that echo back as iti goes into a new phrase, albeit, a little more tense at every turn.  What is the outcome?  Abrupt?  It is up to us.  The timing signifies the alpha and the omega.
This is a digital download whiich will become part of a larger album.
Owner email:      onsite.sage@gmail.com
History_Echoes_(No_One_Listens) -
A new and different muzak
21-Dec-2020 18:17:25
This tune is one of my favorites from the album because it is all guitar but has some different effects not seen or felt in contemporary music. It flutters, expands and contracts the volume and does some very interesting things over a continuous bass drone. Not necessarily a relaxation tune but not meant to listen to in car.

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