Hiistory Echoes (No one Listens)
Title:      Hiistory Echoes (No one Listens)
MusicID:      9002
Artist:      Tears In The Ether
ASIN:      00000917
Label:      Red State Records
Release date:      08-Oct-2020
Number of Discs:      1
Binding:      None
Track Listings:      09
Language:      English
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Rating:      0 
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History Echoes (No one Listens)

Length:                                           8:01
Genre:                                            New Age
Artist:                                              Tears In the Ether
Album:                                            Red State
Philabustah:                                 Guitars, Keyboardss, Bass, Brass, Mix.
CAUTION!!                                  Do not listen to this music while driving.  May make extrremely drowsy.
    This piece was a culmination of "happy accidents"  rising from the monitor, (which was left on), echoing back while playing.  Also, a great deal of static rose from my socks, the carpet and a little bit of electrici shock.  The result is terriific, however.  The aim of the piece is to project a world that settled in beauty and elegance after its creation and went through times, (pieces of music), that echo back as iti goes into a new phrase, albeit, a little more tense at every turn.  What is the outcome?  Abrupt?  It is up to us.  The timing signifies the alpha and the omega.
This is a digital download whiich will become part of a larger album.
Owner email:      onsite.sage@gmail.com