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Setup your own advertising, make money!

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Get a member's account and set up shopl

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However involved, we'll get you to the site you want.

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We'll drive  people to your site,Jump start!

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Dynamic Scrolling Header

The Dynamic, Scrolling Header, is a custom design feature that adds an animation effect the header, where the logo and menu are contained, whereby the header elegantly collapses upon downward.


A responsive layout adapts to the viewing device, whether mobile, tablet or a small or larger desktop, to ensure your site is accessible on all devices.

Site Performance

RokBooster compresses and combines CSS, Javascript, Font and Image files, reducing HTTP request and overall file size, increasing site speed.

Great Support

Receive exclusive access to the Anacron communty forum board for additional assistance, alongside the free and online documentation

Our Price

Standard plan


Site size Storage 1GB
Email Accounts
Admin. Panel
Advanced Tools
Limited Support
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Business plan


Storage up to 5GB
Email Accounts
Contacts and Clients
Free Advertising
Web design & Database
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MultiMedia plan


Large Storage 10GB
Shopping Cart
Product Database
Much, Much More
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Corporate Plan


Unlimited Everything!
Unlimited Support
Free Development & Design
(w. 1 yr. commitment)
Marketing & Advertising
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$3/day online marketing--$25/mo. All packages.

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"Logic Consortium"

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"Hopedale Hypnosis"

Hopedale, Ma.

Why Choose Us

Robust scaling for any business
We work any media, video, graphics and more.
Your site won't catch dust on an old technology
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Fast and efficient.  Time savers. Time experts.r adipiscing elit


We make it easy to setup and maintain your site, or we can do it for you. You can maintain your clients with a site you set up or we set up.

Of course, hosting is cool, but what we do is get you with a very professional site and get you an audience.

Quikstart is one of our features as we have many top designs specific to your industry, in which case we can customer tailor it.

About us

Mad Sage is an idea that transcends another site involved with clients within a niche market who have an entrepreneurial spirit and good media skills to offer something to their clients whether it be video or photo/images, or the authoring of a book or perhaps an online magazine, or newspaper, and of course, blogs. However we also have extensive business and business data skills and create a site specific to your small business. Check out the samples that we'll be posting as we go along, and of course, make sure to CONTACT us to see how we can help you.